FIT-150 Longevity Blueprint

FIT-150 Longevity Blueprint

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Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint

Open new vistas in your mind

Everyone wants to maximize their healthspan – the number of years for which they can be high functioning individuals enjoying time with loved ones and contributing to society

Unlock your body’s own plan for Longevity with a Blueprint built on time-tested wisdom and modern scientific thinking.

This is our introduction to R1, covering the basics of unlocking personal resilience and breakthrough longevity of body, mind, and performance.

* *Based on an award-winning Chinese doctors Dr. Zhang’s Intended Evolution Theory for growing and maintaining all of our body’s functions.

Course Description

Today we are no longer threatened by the traditional health challenges of scarcity like malnutrition and infectious disease. We increasingly find ourselves struggling to maintain health and resilience in the face of high stress, sedentary lifestyles and artificial environments from office lighting to digital screens and manmade chemicals. 

Fit-150 is the only fitness program that is designed to maximize healthspan with interventions specifically designed to address the causes of today’s health challenges. As such, it is a complete system designed to address not just the usual preventative factors like cardio or core fitness – but to address eyes, teeth, mental acuity, and sexual function to name a few. 

The good news is that we were designed for so much more. By empowering our own natural healing abilities, we can follow the body’s own blueprint for Longevity. That’s why we put this course together, and we’re confident it will make a transformational difference in your daily life and overall Longevity.

New levels of wellness and amazing Longevity are waiting – this course helps you take the first step to changing your life from the cellular level up.

Course Bundle Details

This Longevity Blueprint Course is designed for students with diverse learning strengths and lifestyle goals. Through a combination of reading materials, videos, meditations, and live Q&A, students are guided through a Longevity Blueprint process that offers both a promise and plan.

An expert mix of course materials ensures students of any learning strength or lifestyle can get engaged, educated, and inspired.

Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint – On-demand video modules

  1. Introduction
  2. The Benefits
  3. How it Works
  4. Overcoming the Primary Obstacle
  5. The Longevity Meditation
  6. Creating Your Longevity Blueprint]
  7. A Longevity Fitness System


  • Audio Longevity meditation
  • Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint Workbook (downloadable)
  • Free copy of ‘HealthSpan’ by Dr. Dongxun and Bob  Zhang (hard copy book)




"I grew up close with my paternal grandparents.  Most of my life, they spoke of retirement.  When the day came, they celebrated by redoing their home and enjoying a slower pace schedule.  They spoke of the final decade that they would live out together….when the decade came and went, they got more and more depressed and restless. They lost their way, before they lost their mind or body. They spent most days, “waiting” for the call to die.  They bought into the story that you retired, had a decade, then would pass on (hopefully peacefully)…it just was not in the card for their genetic make-up. Had they known to visualize a future, I fully believe they would have lived stronger and longer.  Thanks for giving me a new lens to see possibilities for my own future, and my husband’s too ☺"

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