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FIT-150 Fitness Library

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Fit-150 Fitness

Everyone wants to maximize their healthspan – the number of years for which they can be high functioning individuals enjoying time with loved ones and contributing to society

* *Based on an award-winning Chinese doctors Dr. Zhang’s Intended Evolution Theory for growing and maintaining all of our body’s functions.

Cutting Edge Mind Body Fitness

Fit-150® is a fitness system designed to keep all your bodily functions healthy and strong well past 100. What Fit-150 offers is a path to maximize not lifespan, but healthspan — the number of years for which one can be a high-functioning individual enjoying time with loved ones and contributing to society.

Fit-150 is the only fitness program with interventions specifically designed to address the causes of today’s health challenges. It is a complete practice which goes beyond typical Western preventative factors like cardio or core fitness — to address eyes, teeth, mental acuity, sexual function and more.

This program consists of visualization, exercise, and intention derived from the combination of traditional eastern health practices and modern medical science. A longer healthspan begins with feeling better now. Experience results whose effects resonate today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Modern problems solved by age-old Wisdom

Today we are no longer threatened by the traditional health challenges of scarcity like malnutrition and infectious disease. We increasingly find ourselves struggling to maintain health and resilience in the face of high stress, sedentary lifestyles and artificial environments from office lighting, toxic chemicals, and digital screens. 

Fit-150 is a fitness program specifically tailored to address modern work patterns and health threats. It can be practiced intermittently throughout the day — between Zoom meetings — without the need for rigorous exercise and subsequent sweating and showering.

It is designed to address problems that modern exercise culture doesn’t even begin to touch on, including function of the liver, eyes, teeth, metabolism, and more. This moderate exercise is perfect for maintaining your health as you age.

Course Overview - 16 modules totaling over 3 hours of video 

  • Module 1: Welcome - An introduction to the course
  • Module 2: Qi - What is Qi and Qi Gong?
  • Module 3: FIT-150 Overview - An introduction to FIT-150 Fitness and Intended Evolution Theory
  • Module 4: FIT-150 Phases - A look at different life phases through the lens of FIT-150
  • Module 5: Baselines and Warmups - Warm up exercises and objective measures of progress
  • Module 6: Hands - Exercises centered around hand dexterity and motor skills 
  • Module 7: Bags & Fingers - Exercises and bag strikes to increase resilience
  • Module 8: Head - Dental, Vision, and auditory exercises
  • Module 9: Detox Meditation - How to cleanse in the face of increasing environmental toxins
  • Module 10: Tapping - A technique to stimulate and re-invigorate the mind and body
  • Module 11: Animals- Anchoring states to embody and channel specific moods and feelings
  • Module 12: Flexibility - Stretches and exercises to maintain a supple, limber frame
  • Module 13: Balance and Spatial Awareness - Challenges to balance centers and motor skills
  • Module 14: Mind & Breath - Exercises for cognition and lung control
  • Module 15: Tai Chi - Integral exercise to combine the mind, body, and soul
  • Module 16: Swimming Dragon - Full body workout known for its grace and economy of movement.



"I had been diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes about a year ago and that's when I began to get serious about my health. The diabetic measure that they use is called A1C - 6.5% or higher is operationally defined as type 2 diabetes. My blood measures were in the 7's and the last one in March was 7.2 and the one in July was down to 6.5 and the most recent measure is 5.9. They say that type 2 diabetes is controlled with diet but I know the full story - that it is a lot more than diet that it is controlling it because it is the practices in Fit-150® as well as my diet ..... I also lost 38 pounds and reduced my bad cholesterol level by over 50%."

Walter W., Fairfield, IA - Vietnam War Veteran


Includes a free copy of Dr. Zhang's 'Healthspan' or 'Intended Evolution'



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