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R1 Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Dr. Dong Zhang

Dr. Dong Zhang

Dr. Dongxun Zhang is a world-renowned practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. He runs the China Health Center in Austin, Texas, a practice focused on effective wellness programs and products that help individuals restore health and promote longevity based on natural solutions that combine Eastern traditional health arts with modern science.

Certified in both Eastern and Western medicine and as a leading Chinese medical service provider, a world-class Qi Gong and Taiji Master, Dr. Zhang is also the creator of Intended Evolution Fitness.

Based on Dr. Zhang’s original theory of "Intended Evolution," the program focuses on restoring balance to metabolic systems through a cutting-edge combination of intention, visualization, Qi Gong, entire body movement, and a proprietary "Blueprint for Longevity" not available in any other fitness system

Dr. Zhang has a Ph.D. in Comparative Medicine as well as a degree of Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He has won numerous awards for his clinical and medical research work, including the Huang Di award for his outstanding contribution to the sixth international conference of Chinese medicine.

R1 is the result of a long collaboration between Mark Thompson and Dr. Zhang. Dr. Zhang believes the potential is enormous, bringing traditional wisdom to a modern world struggling to overcome stress and find real peace and longevity. 

"I have seen these products and ideas make an amazing difference in the lives of patients and my practice. R1 gives as an opportunity to bring this life changing wisdom to the world."


R1 Founder:
Mark De L. Thompson

Mark De L. Thompson

R1 CEO Mark Thompson lives at the intersection of Eastern wisdom and Western innovation. As an accomplished business and technology leader with a career at organizations including Boston Consulting Group and Dell Technologies, Mark brings a unique lens to understand the opportunities and obstacles presented by our modern, always-on lifestyle. He also has a passion for embracing new ideas and systems, exploring a complex world with committed curiosity.

Early on in his career, Mark knew he needed to find healthy ways to mitigate the stress and strain brought on by balancing work, life, and family. Early exposure to Taiji in college opened up a whole new world of practice and philosophy, setting him firmly on a path he still walks today. He has studied Taiji for over with some of the world’s best-known masters, including Cheng Man-Ching, the author of “The Professor: Tai Chi’s Journey West”.

Mark first met Dr. Zhang over 18 years ago and the two formed a fast friendship. "I’ve studied with him for 18 years and never seen the edge of his mind. Class after class, and nothing has ever repeated." It was relationships and opportunities like this that led Mark to create The Resilient 1.  

"My work at Dialog Group is focused on helping organizations become more adaptive and resilient. R1 allows us to bring those same interdisciplinary principles to personal wellness, helping human themselves learn the lessons of resilience."

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