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About The Resilient 1

In a world moving faster than ever, marked by stressful lifestyles lived inside an increasingly toxic environment, R1 believes we deserve better. Natural solutions for reducing stress, boosting energy, and unlocking the body’s own blueprint for longevity and purpose – that’s why we started R1.

By bringing together the best of old and new, East and West, science and spirituality, we can help consumers find their own path to whole-body wellness. We believe first in effectiveness, gathering proven best practices and products from a variety of disciplines. We also know consumers need products they can trust, which is why we work relentlessly to source the very best natural ingredients from around the world, from the rolling hills of China to the ancient Live Oak groves of Texas.

Our goal is simple but profound: to make big and bold wellness strategies accessible to people busy living a modern life. This means focusing on results, not rituals. It requires the courage to always be curious and a commitment to continuous iteration. We learn what works and strive to make it even better. You choose the path, you set the priorities, and our products and programs can get you there.

About Fit 150

Fit-150 is based on Dr. Zhang’s theory of “Intended Evolution” combining eastern traditional health arts with modern scientific theories designed to restore the human to a natural state of health and strengthened longevity.


Mark de L. Thompson is Founder of The Resilient 1. Dr. Don Zhang is the Director of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for The Resilient 1.

Customer Promise

Thoughtfully designed products and solutions for sustained health, happiness, and high-performance.

R1 Corporate Wellness

Learn about the R1 Corporate Wellness Program.


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