R1 Course Catalog

Chart your course to whole-body health and wellbeing

The world is filled with health and wellness advice, making it hard to separate the latest fad from truly life-changing answers. That’s why we’re building a course catalog around time-tested lessons learned from centuries of traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, updated for the challenges of modern lifestyles.

This is how we illuminate old paths with new light, and how we can transform your approach to:

  • Unlocking personal resilience 
  • Breakthrough longevity of body/mind
  • Greater energy, enjoyment and performance

It’s also how we can give you radical new ideas about longevity and purpose that empower you to embrace each day with renewed intention and energy. Through a careful practice of exercise, breath, visualization, meditation, and traditional Chinese medicine, these courses give students a firm foundation for breakthrough resilience.

Each course combines expert texts and easy-to-follow videos, all created by our team of R1 resilience specialists. Browse our courses to learn more.

Course Catalog
R1 Core Courses Maximizing Your Healthspan

R1 Fit-150 Longevity Blueprint

Everyone wants to maximize their healthspan – the number of years for which they can be high functioning individuals enjoying time with loved ones and contributing to society

Unlock your body’s own plan for Longevity with a Blueprint built on time-tested wisdom and modern scientific thinking*. We consider this curriculum our introduction to R1, covering the basics of unlocking personal resilience and breakthrough longevity of body, mind and performance.

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 Zhang's Cellular Resilience Meditation

Coming Soon

Organ Detoxification Meditation

Coming Soon

R1 Condition Specific Qi Gong

Zhang's Eye Qi Gong System

Coming Soon

Stress and Anxiety Relief Meditation

Coming Soon

Zhang's Endocrine Balance Meditation

Coming Soon


Taiji Chuan is an ancient system of exercise, meditation, and martial art that unites mind and body: a therapeutic exercise to cultivate and re-educate the body and mind, a meditation to cultivate the spirit, a martial art to cultivate harmonious relationships with others.

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R1 Biofeedback
 Coming Soon


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