R1 Custom Herb Formulas

Carefully formulated for exceptional results

Ancient ingredients applied with modern insights

Herbal medicine is an ancient art – and the healing capabilities of nature are everywhere. But the ingredients alone are only part of the power. It takes specialized, practice expertise to combine these raw ingredients into powerful formulas focused on specific conditions and outcomes.

This expertise is what makes R1 products different. From the start, Dr. Zhang and the R1 experts have focused not on the latest trend, but customized solutions that make a meaningful difference in the health, wellness, and longevity of our customers. These formulas work directly with the body’s own amazing healing powers to slow, and in some cases turn back, the hands of time.   

Keeping with the R1 philosophy of whole-body health, these formulas are designed to boost every system in the body, from eyes and circulation to bone density and sexual health. And, as study after study shows the negative long-term consequences of overmedication, R1 herbal formulas let you focus on wellness, not worry about side effects.

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