Dr. Zhang’s Green Tea Powder
Dr. Zhang’s Green Tea Powder

Dr. Zhang’s Green Tea Powder

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Green tea designed for how we live today

Fresher, smarter, smoother green tea

We rely on world-renowned experts to ensure each leaf is picked at peak potency and blended especially to reduce jitters. With guaranteed freshness and a 6-month shelf life, our powder is the easiest way to get your daily dose of green tea magic.

Science is proving what Eastern Wisdom has always known: green tea is amazing. But to get the health benefits it must be fresh.  Whether you enjoy it hot or add it to a favorite food or drink, it’s a pure and potent source of daily vitality. Green tea has also been proven to:

  • Enable weight loss and reduce overall inflammation

  • Drive higher levels of theanine (the amino acid credited with anti-anxiety effects and increased alpha brain waves)

  • Lower risk of brain function degeneration from both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

  • Rich source of vitamins A, D, E, C, B, B5, H, and K

  • And, R1 Dr. Zhang’s Green Tea powder is expertly blended with a proprietary herbal formula to ensure no jitters.

But not all green teas are created equal – can you trust what you’re consuming? Choosing the right brand is critical to ensuring you get the full benefits of this natural wonder.

That’s why R1 has partnered with herbal expert Dr. Zhang to source pure, fresh potent green tea direct from Japan. From there, careful handling (but minimal processing) ensures the tea is prepared according to the strictest quality and purity standards. It then arrives at our Austin, Texas headquarters for final inspection and packaging.

Ultimately, the green tea is delivered fresh and ready to make a difference in your life and longevity. Easy to use, pure energy, no jitters. Wisdom has never tasted so good.

Preparation Instructions:

Steep in 7-8 oz. hot water for at least 2 to 3 minutes. Longer steeping makes it better, not bitter.


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